Aleaciones para soldar Hierro Fundido - Cronatron
Product Description


Flux for all purposes, usually effective in all types of steel, including stainless steel. Is excellent for brass, bronze and copper, as well as inconel, monel and nickel alloys. Designed specifically for CRONABRAZE products number 21, 23F and 30F.


A single flux formulated to provide active cleaning action to clean the molten metal bath for welding, to prevent the formation of hard carbides and to facilitate the formation of solid and dense deposits in the welding of molten iron when used with CRONABRAZE 22


For all metals when silver brazing is to be used. Ideal for dissimilar metal brazing. Very effective in steel for tools, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, bronze and copper. Specifically designed for CRONABRAZE veneers 40F, 42, 43F, 44 and 45.


Specifically recommended for use with CRONABRAZE 51. Has a low melting point, which enables deep penetration and higher capillary action that allows obtaining an excellent joint of magnesium parts without any danger to the original metal.


Cronasolv F53 is exclusively formulated for use with CRONABRAZE 53. The low temperature performance of this flux facilitates the cleaning, deoxidizing and catalytic action, compatible with the very low temperature of this alloy and its unique applications in dissimilar metals and of copper and lead alloys.


Surprisingly effective flux, specifically formulated for use with CRONABRAZE 55, the top aluminium brazing alloy. This flux dissolves well below the melting temperature of the base metal and allows the aluminium rod to easily and securely join or fix the working material.


Powder flux specially formulated for CRONABRAZE 56. For all weldable aluminium and alloy. It becomes clear fluid at brazing temperature. Easy to clean residue.


Exclusively prepared for use with CRONABRAZE 57. The magnesium brazing alloy rod that produces a thin stream. This flux has a low melting point producing the humidifying and penetrating action necessary for the joint of the magnesium parts without running the risk of damaging the base metal.


Recommended for the hard work of stainless steel brazing. Effectively formulated to produce a fast, easy and solid weld. It is specifically suitable for use with CRONABRAZE 95, the brazing alloy that solves the problems of stainless steel.


Eagle F920 is a liquid acid flux. This low temperature flux is for use on stainless steel, monels, chrome parts, copper, brass and iron alloys. Recommended for use with CRONABRAZE 92C, CRONABRAZE 93 and all general purpose welding. Do not use on aluminium or magnesium.


Eagle F930 is the ultimate in highly active paste flux for most common metals, except aluminium and magnesium. Eagle F930 works well on steel, copper and copper alloys and in many veneered alloys. For best results in stainless steel, the liquid version of Eagle F920 is recommended. Eagle cronasolv F930 for use with CRONABRAZE 92C, CRONABRAZE 93 and general purpose welding.